10 Facts about dolphins some details

10 Facts about dolphins some details

10 Facts about dolphins some details

Dolphins are the most fascinating and well-known marine animals in this world.

Dolphins have been living in this world for thousands of years due to their sharp intelligence.

There are many interesting facts about these marine mammals that people don’t know.

Great facts about dolphins

Dolphin is the most intelligent creature in fact they have brain to body ratio second only to human.

Dolphins are one of the few species that have passed the self-awareness test.

There they can recognize themselves in mirrors and they can recognize their own reflection much earlier in life than other animals, including humans.

They are highly social animals that primarily hunt and live in groups that play together.

The Dolphins, like humans, live socially in groups, and dolphins are thinking and expressive personalities.

Dolphins have a very complex and developed communication system, dolphins often alternate vocalizations and do not interfere with each other.

Dolphins are generally carnivores and their diet usually consists of fish and crustaceans.

A 118 kg dolphin eats approximately 15 kg of fish per day.

Dolphins hunt together to satisfy their hunger.

Dolphins are cunning and skillful, they can hunt fish, chase fish, confuse fish, and attack fish suddenly.

Although dolphins lack a sense of smell, they compensate for this with their other normal senses.

Dolphins have keen eyesight both in and out of water and have a well-developed sense of touch.

Dolphins can use ecology to mark distant or hidden objects.

Their unique perception of the world through light represents a perspective that humans can never fully grasp.

There are nearly 40 different dolphin species in the world’s waters.

Most species of dolphins live in coastal areas of tropical and temperate seas, and there are 5 species in the Amazon, including the red one.

These marine mammals are born alive just like humans, depending on the species the baby is born tail first.

Dolphin pregnancy lasts from 9 to 17 months after birth Dolphins are incredibly maternal helping the calf surface for its first breath.

They are also observed nesting and cuddling with young.

Depending on the dolphin species, dolphins can stay with their mother for 3 to 8 years.

The dolphin is a wonderfully docile and intelligent social creature.

Dolphins have few natural enemies, unfortunately humans are dolphins’ number one enemy.

Dolphins are being taken in large numbers due to ocean pollution, fishing, poaching, etc.

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Because dolphins are mammals, they are forced to come to the surface.

Land-dwelling dolphins have separate holes for each task.

Dolphins eat through their mouths and breathe through their blowpipes.

This prevents the dolphins from absorbing water into their lungs when they eat and also reduces the risk of the dolphins drowning.

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