6 Exercises for Women to Increase Breast Size

6 Exercises for Women to Increase Breast Size

6 Exercises for Women to Increase Breast Size

Women nowadays give more importance to their physical beauty.

Various products are easily available in the market to improve the beauty of the skin.

But many women want to be beautiful in their physical appearance, men like such women to a large extent.

Mainly breast size is the biggest problem for women nowadays.

So in this article we have given some exercises that can help women increase breast size.

Women are always more interested in physical beauty and skin beauty.

A woman’s beauty is judged by her external beauty.

Men are in the mindset that women should have beautiful body structure and red skin.

Women’s health

Women make various efforts to keep themselves beautiful and we now have various products to deal with skin problems.

Women use them to get glowing skin and face, but physical beauty is a bit difficult to achieve.

Breasts play an important role in the external beauty of women Big breasts are considered as a symbol of beauty in women.

Women with small breasts are often teased by other women.

Even men do not like them and women suffer psychologically due to this.

This is why many women try to get bigger breasts.

Beautiful body

There are a few exercise routines that can help increase breast size in women, and adding them to your regular exercise routine can reap many benefits.

It helps build muscle, strengthen bones and burn calories.

It plays an important role in increasing breast size in women.

So women can get attractive look by doing these strength exercises.

These exercises can be seen in detail in this article.


To do this exercise first lie down and then rest your wrists and toes on the floor.

Make sure your body is in a straight line from head to toe.

Your stomach should be tight in this position.

Now in this position release your left arm first and extend it straight, in this position the right arm will support your body.

Then extend the right arm in the same way so that your left arm is supporting the body and do this exercise alternately with these two arms.


Because a chair is used to perform this exercise, it is called a chair dip.

To do this first stand back from the chair.Stand up straight.

After that place your hands on the edge of the surface of the chair.

In this position your wrists should be vertical. Now lower your legs down in front of the chair. Your arms support your weight in this position.

Straighten your heels and go into a sitting position on the floor, then come back up and repeat this position.


Use an exercise bench to perform this exercise.

Lie on the bench with your feet flat on the floor.

Now take the dumbbells in both your hands, first spread the arms wide like a butterfly and then bring them straight towards your chest.

Then hold the dumbbells straight for a few seconds and hold them straight to your chest for at least 3 to 4 seconds.

Now spread the arms again and you can repeat this process.


This exercise is done in a push-up position.

Lie on the floor in a push-up position, supporting your body with only your wrists and toes.

Keep your body in a straight line in this position.

Now you can do this exercise properly by moving both your arms and legs simultaneously.

For that first you have to move right leg and right arm at the same time.

Then repeat the same with left arm and left leg.


To perform this exercise, first bring your arms and legs into a bird-like position.

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Now stand straight, extend your arms by your sides and circle with your hands in the air. First circle forward and then backward.

Repeat this process at intervals.


To do this, stand 1 to 2 feet apart from a wall.

Now place both your hands on the wall directly in front of your face.

Now take a deep breath and lift your heels slightly upwards, in this position the toes bear the body weight.

Then cross your arms and face the back of the wall.

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Return to normal position after a second or two and repeat this process.

Strenuous exercise is a must to increase breast size, and there are also some natural remedies that can help increase breast size.

Low protein foods, vegetables, ginger, tea and egg whites can be taken.

Breast size changes depending on the menstrual cycle

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