7 Changes In Your Life By Having Regular Sex

7 Changes In Your Life By Having Regular Sex

7 Changes In Your Life By Having Regular Sex

The only thing that has not changed since the beginning of the world is sex.

All living beings crave it because the benefits are so great.

In particular, there is an environment where only mankind can have sex whenever they want.

But other species have sex only for reproduction.

In order for mankind to live with each other in love, warmth and love, constant intercourse is imperative.

In today’s fast-paced, scientific world, many people experience stress.

90% of people in today’s world experience stress.

Stress causes various physical ailments.

Stress increases the number of deaths.

Having sex not only relieves your stress but also makes you happy.

It can be said that the closeness and love you show in bed with your partner will reflect well in your daily work the next day.

Have sex three times a week

If you have sex at least 3 times a week you will always look young and healthy.

When having sexual intercourse, the blood pressure in the body increases and the blood pressure is balanced from the feet to the top and the stress is complete.

It completely reduces stress

When you have sex, your brain’s happy hormones, oxytocin, are released and your stress hormone, cortisol, decreases.

So you always have a happy and smiling face.

Acts as a pain reliever

Having sex causes your body to release natural pain relievers called endorphins.

Due to this, headaches, body fatigue, blood pressure, dark circles in the eyes, rashes on the face, etc. can be relieved and refreshed.

A change in mood

The endorphins released by sex not only relieve physical pain, but also keep your mood up.

Especially women suffer from depression more than men, making it a good remedy for them.

Removes heart disorders

Death due to heart disease is increasing in the world today.

Especially silent heart attacks kill millions of people.

It is impossible to know when and how a heart attack occurs.

A heart attack occurs without symptoms.

Heart attacks continue from childhood to old age.

Unable to control this, the medical world is stuck.

Sex is a great remedy for this, having sex 3 days a week improves blood flow in the arteries of the heart.

All the unwanted fats in the heart and body melt away, thus reducing the body weight.

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Menstrual cycle improves

Regular and healthy intercourse and orgasm can improve the menstrual cycle of women.

By improving the blood flow in women’s body and regular blood flow in the vagina, the menstrual cycle will be healthy.

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Increases immunity

The immune system of people who peak during healthy sex becomes stronger.

It makes the body’s immune antibodies fight against germs.

Levels are higher in people who have sex 3 times a week.

It has the ability to fight against disease-causing germs in your body.

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