Amazing Most erotic body parts in our body

Amazing Most erotic body parts in our body

Amazing Most erotic body parts in our body

Touching all these places on the body will increase the sensation, you need to know which place it is

There are many parts of our body that stimulate sexual pleasure i.e. also known as hot spots.

Those areas are often the area where the nerves are congested.

Touching with the hands, lips or tongue will increase the sensations in those places.

We are going to see about those places here.


The Breast is a place of emotional arousal for both men and women.

You may be wondering how there is so much agitation when touching the little breastbones.

But the thoracic spine is where hundreds of nerves converge.

So not only sexual arousal, it is also said that women easily climax by touching their breasts.


The Buttocks are one of the places where most emotions are concentrated.We tend to think that women’s buttocks are full of emotions.

Buttocks are also one of the most arousing areas in men.


Our stomach also has many sensory nerves.

There, with the hands, the mouth and the tongue, the sexual thoughts linger.

Especially the areas around the navel are more sensitive to touch.


The lower back is one of the most sensitive areas in the back,especially the back below the hips.

Especially in the area just above the pubic area, emotions can run wild there.


Fingertips are the most sensitive part of the body, Holding the fingertips and gently squeezing them can increase the sensation in women.

A woman can’t control those emotions when her partner’s tongue is caressed with her fingertips and palms.

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Thigh joints

The inner thigh is also an important place to trigger emotions.

It applies to both men and women. Thighs are also a highly sensitive area for men.

Ear lobes

The earlobes are important as sensory nerves are concentrated, the earlobes contain a large number of sensory nerves.

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When you touch your partner’s earlobes with your fingers or tongue, they tingle with excitement, which is one of the touches that can increase sexual attraction.

Female genitalia

This is an obvious one that everyone knows. This is called V-Spot in English.

Touching this V-spot is one of the most arousing parts of a woman’s body.

Female genital stimulation can be arousing not only for the woman but also for the man.


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