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Amazing tips to keep healthy heart in winter season

Amazing tips to keep healthy heart in winter season

Amazing tips to keep healthy heart in winter season

Why more heart attacks occur in winter and how to prevent it.

The risk of heart attacks and heart diseases is much higher in winter than in other seasons.

Due to excessive cold, blood flow slows down and problems such as blood clotting occur and they cause risks like heart attack and stroke.

Studies indicate that the death rate from heart attacks has also increased due to recent extreme cold waves.

So let’s know here how to prevent the dangers of heart disease in winter.

Generally in winter the blood flow speed of our body is very low.

As the temperature outside decreases, so does the body temperature.

This causes the heart to beat faster with greater effort. High heart rate can lead to heart related problems like heart attacks and strokes.

Healthy foods are essential

It seems that to keep the winters a little warmer, you have to eat something and eat a lot of hot, spicy foods.

That’s why we consume too many calories and trans fat and saturated fat foods.

These can lead to obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease.

So you have to be extra careful while choosing foods in winter.

Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.

If you feel like eating something hot, you can make soup with lots of vegetables.

How to reduce body heat

Taking regular medicines correctly

In winter, blood flow throughout the body is naturally slower.

The heart has to work harder to pump blood.

From winter colds to managing certain physical problems you already have, you need to take your regular medications regularly.

Especially in winter, flu-like fevers are more common. It is necessary to protect them from coming.

Daily exercises

Our body and heart are affected by the stress caused when we are obese. The immune system is all affected.

Therefore, the immune system may not be able to fight the problems caused by infections and seasonal changes.

The immune system is a little weaker than usual especially during the cold season.

Daily simple exercises like walking, breathing exercises, pranayama to strengthen it are very important to improve heart health.

Vitamin D deficiency and depression

Daylight is very short in winter. Night is more. Also sitting for long periods of time can cause depression.

Apart from that, lack of vitamin D is also a major cause of depression, doctors say.

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This is the reason why doctors prescribe vitamin D supplements for people with mental health problems. You cannot get enough vitamin D by taking supplements alone.

So it is important to stand in the sunlight for at least half an hour every day.

It can get enough vitamin D and keep the heart healthy by preventing depression.

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