Benefits of having intercourse every day

Benefits of having intercourse every day

Benefits of having intercourse every day

Do you know how healthy a newly married couple will be? Yes, it is because they have sex every day in the newlywed. The more sexual intercourse we have, the healthy we will be.

The benefits of having daily sex are listed in this article. After reading this list you will no longer have sex once a week. Try to have sex every day. According to one study, having sex every day can help prevent common health problems such as colds and headaches.

When having sex every time in a recent study. Our body releases a hormone called oxytocin. This hormone sends a kind of command to the brain to relax the body. This will eliminate various problems in the body and will be healthy and fit.

Reduces infections

During intercourse, the body is exposed to certain compounds along with some good hormones which boost the body’s immune system and prevent infection.

Good sleep

The hormone oxytocin, which is released during sexual intercourse during orgasm, gives the body a restful night’s sleep.

Heart health

The blood flows smoothly through the heart vessels by having sex every day. so the heart will always be healthy.

Preventing stroke

For men who have sex more than twice a week. The study results show that the chances of having a stroke are low.

Lam to prevent aging

Mainly because of getting good sleep during intercourse. The face will be bright with radiance and the appearance of aging will be prevented from appearing on the face.

The body can be kept fit

Having 30 minutes of sex every day is equivalent to 30 minutes of exercise. Thus, the body will be well healthy and fit.

Increasing immunity

Exercise keeps the immune system healthy and strong. Having sex is like an exercise. so will increase your immunity by having sex every day.

Reducing stress

Doctors say that dopamine, a stress-reducing hormone, is produced during sexual intercourse

Increases stamina

Sexual intercourse can help increase stamina. For that, you need to have sex for 15-30 minutes daily and sleep well at night. The next morning the stamina level in the body is high.

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Immediate relief for headaches

If you have frequent headaches then have sex because the compounds produced then will make the headache go away immediately.

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The fever will go away

There is another power of sexual intercourse. What it does mean is that if you have the sex you will take care of the body without any diseases. Have sex instead of taking pills, especially for fever. Good benefit is available immediately.

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