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Summer 7 foods to keep your hair health

Summer 7 foods to keep your hair health

Summer 7 foods to keep your hair health

Hair should not fall out, this food is enough, eat men too..!

The scorching summer is bad. Heat affects not only the skin and body but also the hair.

Hair loss during this period can also be difficult to deal with. Let’s see what kind of foods to add to counter this.

During summers, the sun emits intense heat, which can cause dryness and dryness of the hair, which can also increase hair fall.

Greens for hair health

Iron deficiency causes hair loss. Greens provide nutrients like vitamins A, vitamin C and protein.

It is also a dietary essential and helps in moisturizing the skin.

Ensures healthy hair, moisturizing the hair prevents hair damage.

Walnuts for hair health

Nuts are a rich source of biotin, which is expensive but packs an important nutrient for hair.

It contains biotin, vitamin B, vitamin E and plenty of protein and magnesium.

It controls hair damage and strengthens the scalp.

Nourishes the hair, regular consumption of walnuts will keep the hair healthy.

Nuts for hair health

Nuts contain folic acid, which increases the flow of oxygen to the hair roots.

If you have problem of excessive hair fall then taking pulses on daily basis will protect your hair health.

They are also good for health as they are rich in protein.

Flax seeds for hair health

Flaxseeds are a superfood for overall health. It is the best product to deal with hair loss.

It is a rich source of omega 3, as well as vitamin B1, manganese and dietary fiber.

Adding it to your diet will provide a permanent solution to damaged hair

Yogurt for hair health

Summers cannot be without yogurt, it instantly rejuvenates us, it nourishes the hair from inside and outside care.

The protein in curd can be said to be the building material for hair follicles, it contains vitamin B5.

It is known to stimulate blood flow to the scalp.

Orange for hair health

The Orange is a thirst-quenching fruit in summer, it is sweet, tangy and refreshing.

Orange helps the body produce collagen, strengthening the capillaries that supply blood to the hair shaft.

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People suffering from hair fall can benefit from taking orange fruit.

You can also add mango, watermelon and berries to keep you hydrated.

Water for hair health

Water is the best hydrator for hair,Dehydration naturally occurs in summer.

Depending on your regular activity, drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water daily will help keep your hair and body healthy and hydrated.

Drinking plenty of water can help prevent hair damage throughout the year.

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