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Super foods that clean the kidneys naturally

Super foods that clean the kidneys naturally..!

Super foods that clean the kidneys naturally..!

A healthy kidney is very important for the body.

Its job is to separate waste from the blood and expel it through urine.

The kidney performs the important task of extracting and excreting unnecessary waste products like urea and chloride while storing glucose, amino acid, vitamins, hormones etc. needed by the body.

But many types of dirt and toxins enter the body through food and drink.

These can harm the kidneys. Due to this, kidney stones can form in the kidney.

In this case, you can learn about foods that can naturally clean the kidneys and increase the efficiency of the kidneys.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is also beneficial in cleaning the kidneys, which helps in energy during summer.

Drinking lemon juice increases the level of citrate in the urine and flushes out toxins from the kidneys.

Lower risk of kidney stones. Lemon juice filters the blood and removes toxins.


The Pomegranate juice can be consumed for all kidney related problems.

Pomegranate juice contains antioxidants that reduce the acidity of urine.

Along with this, it prevents kidney stones from developing. Drinking pomegranate juice can provide relief from kidney stone pain.

Herbal tea

Tea helps to cleanse the kidneys. So, instead of drinking tea with milk, you should consume herbal tea.

You can drink this tea regularly to cleanse the kidneys.

Apple vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is effective in preventing the process of oxidative stress in the kidney.

It increases the level of antioxidants in the body and controls blood sugar.

Apple cider vinegar contains citric acid. It prevents the formation of kidney stones. Consuming it daily will flush out the toxins.

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Basil removes kidney stones. It also reduces uric acid levels in the blood.

Improves kidney health. The essential oil and acetic acid in basil help break down kidney stones.

Date fruit

Dates are rich in fiber. It helps reduce the risk of stones.

Soak dates in water overnight. Eating this in the morning can help flush out kidney stones.


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