Top 5 exercises increasing breast size

Top 5 exercises increasing breast size

Top 5 exercises increasing breast size

Women today are usually more concerned about one thing than another. It’s about their breast size. Because most women do not like small size breasts. Breast size in women is related to their lifestyle genetics and body weight.

Women fully believe that their beauty is always enhanced by the breast. Women want large size breasts so they are ready to have surgery for it. But in fact, you can only enhance your beauty and physical health if you enlarge your breast size in a natural way. There are a number of supplements, herbs, creams, massage machines, etc., but there is no scientific evidence that this is a good solution.


Exercises that focus on the back, shoulder muscles and pectoralis muscle help to widen the chest muscles located behind the breast tissue. Thus, breast size is likely to enlarge. Enlarging the breast size through such exercise does not cause any side effects.

Arm circles

This can be done easily with a small weight on the hands. This exercise helps to increase breast size through the movement of the shoulder muscles and back muscles.

How to do this exercise

Extend the arms sideways to shoulder level.

Now rotate your hands in a circular motion alternately clockwise and counter clockwise.

Repeat for 1 minute then rotate in the other direction for 1 minute

Raise hands up and down for 1 minute

Repeat two to three times

Top 5 exercises increasing breast size

Putting pressure on the wall

Doing this exercise will help rejuvenate your pectoral muscles and enlarge breast size. This can be easily done by everyone

How to do this exercise

Stand in front of the wall. Now press the wall with your palms. The height of the breast and the height of the arms must be equal.

Now press the palm forward and the head should move closer to the wall

Then repeat this for 10 to 15 minutes before returning to the old position

Top 5 exercises increasing breast size

Horizontal breast pressure

This is almost the same as the prayer pose, which affects the pectoralis muscle and makes it easier to enlarge the breast.

Do this exercise at least 100 times a day. This allows all the muscles in the body to function properly and fats to be dissolved from the body. Thus, the appearance of the body will start to look beautiful.

Reverse Dumbbell Flys

It’s a little harder exercise. Definitely need the right experience to do this exercise. Those who do this first need to know the right experience.

Exercise mode

Take the dumbbell in both hands

Bend parallel to the floor

Spread the feet and hips evenly wide.

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Keep the arms straight below the shoulders and bend slightly.

Your back should be an obstacle. Raise your hands.

Then come back to the old situation

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Pressure in the palms

It is said to be the best exercise for increasing breast size

Exercise mode

Place the opponent on the breast with the palms together

Bend your elbows and push your hands away from each other as hard as you can.

Leave on for 5-10 seconds.

Repeat this 5 times

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