what are the 10 types file formats in computer

what are the 10 types file formats in computer

what are the 10 types file formats in computer


One of the most widely used formats on the computer, this format compresses photos using 16 million different sizes and hues.

This format usually gives photos a softer look with different tones and colors.


It is the most widely used format for web graphics.

It is a format that contains animated gifs and plays animations with pixel-based objects.


This format is generally designed for photos and does not require any permission to use it.

It compresses data in a lossless way called deflation.

PNG is more useful for storing information as compared to JPG.

what is a RAW file

A RAW file is uncompressed and unprocessed data captured by digital camera or scanner sensors.

RAW shooting captures a large amount of images with large sizes and lossless quality.


This files are the native file format of Adobe Photoshop you’ve probably seen file with the. PSD extension for especially if you have been an Adobe Photoshop user.

most commonly used by designer and artist photos of document are powerful tools for image data storage and creation.

A PSD can store multiple layer, image and object often in high-resolution, making in the industry standard for creatives.

This PSD can support up to 30,000 pixel in height and width giving these files and impressive range for both image depth and color spread.


MP3 is a common way of compressing sounds, which can reduce the volume of the sound without reducing its quality.

It is also one of the most widely used formats by all.


This format is capable of recording audio and videos.

Since it is a container format, there is no way to encode it, rather the codec decides how the audio or video should be coded and compressed.

what is a FLAC

FLAC Audio Codec File is an open source audio compression format, that can compress audio files from their original size,


Called Portable Document Format (PDF), this format has all the features required for printing.

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what is a DOC File

DOC file extension refers to a word processing document format. This binary file format is proprietary of Microsoft and is native to Microsoft most popular word processing application,Microsoft word.

it is plain text document format which can also contain hyperlinks image alignment, excetra.

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