What are the benefits of having sex

What are the benefits of having sex

What are the benefits of having sex?

Sex does not just give one pleasure. Beyond that it offers many health benefits, as well as enhances the bonding of sexual couples. It is a well known fact that having sex in general reduces stress but there are many benefits to having sex with both men and women.

There are some important benefits to having sex in particular. In this article you can find out what are the benefits of having sex.

Increasing immunity

Medical experts say that those who have sex more often have a lower risk of getting sick.

If a couple has sex once or twice a week, their body will have a certain level of immunity to fight the virus, and if they want to boost their immunity, have sex more often.

Health for the heart

For couples who have sex 2 or 3 times a week, fat deposits in the arteries are reduced by as much as 80%, according to medical experts.

Calories are burned

Having sex burns calories. That too will burn more calories depending on the duration, amount and dosage of intercourse. So if you want to burn your calories, have sex often so that the body gets beauty as soon as possible.

Get good sleep

Only men get better deep restful sleep than women after reaching orgasm. That is, if you suffer from insomnia for several days, try to be excited with your partner. Sex is very important in human life to get good sleep.

Stress will go away

Sex is like exercise. It relieves stress, and medical experts say you need to have sex more often to reduce these stress hormones.

So if you are under a lot of stress due to work, instead of taking medicine, pills, have a nice sex with your partner.

Blood pressure is normalized

Medical research shows that there is a lot of correlation between sex and blood pressure. One study found that systolic blood pressure is regulated by sexual intercourse. Men are the ones who suffer from high blood pressure in this world, so have sex with your partner often to reduce blood pressure.

May be young

It has been found that people who have sex 4 times a week always have a glowing, youthful appearance.

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Happiness derived from sexual intercourse reveals hormones that protect youth, important human growth hormones.

If you want to maintain your youth, you can have sex instead of artificial beauty products.

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Prolongs life

People who have sex often secrete more of the body’s hormones that release pleasure. This prolongs their life span as they get happy, relaxed, and get good sleep.

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